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Yaren Cucumber Pickles 720g - Hiyar Tursu

Yaren Cucumber Pickles 720g - Hiyar Tursu

Brand: Yaren

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Expiry date: 03/01/2026

Yaren Cucumber Pickles (720g) provide an authentic, Halal option for vegetarians looking for an international flavor. Crafted with an unparalleled nutritional profile, the pickles are a great addition to any dinner table.

Ingredients: Water, Cucumber, Tomato, Carrot, Pepper .

Rad Perper, salt, Acidity regulator (Citric Acid E330-Acetic Acid E2600.

Atabilirator (Calcium, Chloride E509), Preservative (Potassium Sorbate Pay Sodiumn Metabisulfite E223).

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