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Sarikiz Natural Mineral Water - Maden Suyu 250ml

Sarikiz Natural Mineral Water - Maden Suyu 250ml

Brand: Sarikiz

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Sarikiz Watermelon & Strawberry Mineral Water offers a delicious, refreshing combination of natural watermelon and strawberry flavors with Vitamin C and Finish with a touch of lemon. Made in Turkey, this light and healthy mineral water provides a unique flavor and contributes to your daily requirement of Vitamin C, helping you to stay energized and hydrated.   

Sarıkız Natural Mineral Water, extracted naturally from its source, is a healthy and refreshing gift that nature offers us.

Anions (mg/L)
Fluoride F- 0,23
Bicarbonate HCO3 600
Chloride Cl- 14,53
Sulphate SO4 87,8
Cations (mg/L)
Calcium Ca 83,7
Magnesium Mg 62,12
Potassium K 5,75
Sodium Na 58,28
Iron Fe+2 0

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Expiry date: 15/06/2025
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