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Greenfields Natural Dried Curry Leaves 12g

Greenfields Natural Dried Curry Leaves 12g

Brand: Greenfield

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Natural Dried Curry Leaves  12g

Curry leaves have a unique taste that is often described as slightly bitter, nutty, and reminiscent of citrus. When cooked, they release a distinct aroma that is both refreshing and earthy. An essential ingredient widely used in Indian, Sri Lankan, and other South Asian cuisines. including curries, dals, and soups, the subtle flavour is unmistakable.

Curry leaves are a staple in Southeast Asian cuisine, and our Natural Dried Curry Leaves provide that unmistakable flavour to soups, curries, and dals. All-natural and dried for quality and freshness, 12g is enough to add robust flavour to any dish.

Suitable for Vegans and Vegetarians


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