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Greenfields Natural Barberries (Zirishk) 75g

Greenfields Natural Barberries (Zirishk) 75g

Brand: Greenfields

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Expiry date: 30-06-2024

Barberries have a unique flavour profile, combining a pleasant tartness with a slightly sweet and tangy taste. The berries contain a good amount of acidity, making them a popular ingredient in various dishes and condiments.

Culturally, barberries hold significance in different cuisines around the world. In Middle Eastern cuisine barberries are commonly used to add a pop of flavour and colour to a variety of dishes, including rice pilaf, stews, and desserts. In recent years, barberries have gained popularity as a superfood due to their nutritional value and potential health benefits. 

 Suitable for Vegans and Vegetarians 



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