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Greenfields Mild Ancho Chilli Powder 45g

Greenfields Mild Ancho Chilli Powder 45g

Brand: Greenfields

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Mild Ancho Chilli Powder  45g

Dried ancho chilies are a popular ingredient in Mexican cuisine. They are made from ripe poblano peppers that have been dried, resulting in a deep, smoky flavour with mild to medium heat. Dried ancho chilies have a rich, slightly sweet flavour with hints of raisins, coffee, and tobacco. They are known for their smoky undertones and a moderate level of spiciness. The heat level is typically milder than other chilli peppers, such as cayenne or jalapeño, making them quite versatile in cooking.

This Mild Ancho Chili is perfect for adding flavor and mild heat to classic Mexican recipes. Dried and diced chili flakes add a rich tobacco and dried fruit flavor, and 45g of chili flakes goes a long way in your favorite dishes.

 Suitable for Vegans and Vegetarians



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