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Koska Cacoa Tahin Halva ( Kakaolu Helva) 350g

Koska Cacoa Tahin Halva ( Kakaolu Helva) 350g

Brand: Koska

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Expiry date: 24/03/2025
  • Koska Halva with Cocoa 350g  

    Ingredients: Tahini, Sugar Emulsifier, Cocoa Powder, Soup Extract, Acidity Regulator (Citric Acid) Flavouring (Vanillin).

    Koska Brand; Halvah, tahini, molasses, jam, honey, Turkish delight, paper halva, crocan, regret, cocoa hazelnut cream, natural sweetened diabetic halva, almond paste and jam are produced. Organic products, apart from gluten-free products, contain glucose syrup and gluten in their Turkish grocery products. Halvah, which is sold as a ready-made package, is put on the market in harmful plastic (06 PS code) containers. The company has kosher food and halal food certificates.

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