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Filippo Berio Sunflower Oil, Cooking Oil 5 L

Filippo Berio Sunflower Oil, Cooking Oil 5 L

Brand: Filippo Berio

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How to use: Ideal for deep frying, baking and roasting & baking. Store at room temperature, away from heat and direct sunlight.

Ingredients: 100% Pure Sunflower Oil
Expiry date: 31/01/2025

Filippo Berio Sunflower Oil, 5L
Filippo Berio Sunflower Oil is for general use in cooking, for making dressings and baking. A practical Oil for every kitchen. For healthier shallow & deep frying For chips, stir frys, sausages and eggs For crispy roast potatoes For Baking cakes & biscuits. Perfect for frying. With no artificial colours or flavours.

Created from sun-ripened sunflower seeds, the delicate aroma and flavour of golden Filippo Berio Sunflower Oil make it ideal for frying, shallow frying, roasting, basting and much more.
À versatile, everyday cooking oil, Filippo Berio Sunflower Oil is a natural source of essential Omega 6 & Vitamin E.

Ideal for Frying
No Artificial Flavours

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