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Greenfields Falafel Spice Blend - 75g

Greenfields Falafel Spice Blend - 75g

Brand: Greenfield

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Expiry date: 05-04-2024

A beautiful and complex spice blend of ten spices to season homemade falafels. Also blend the falafel spice with oil and garlic as a meat rub or marinade. The seasoning blend imparts a savoury, herb-infused taste with a slight tanginess and warmth from the spices.

Bring the flavors of the Middle East to your home kitchen with this 75g Falafel Spice Blend. Crafted from ten quality spices, this mix amplifies the flavor of your homemade falafels or any meat rub or marinade. Enjoy the bold and complex flavors of the region in every bite.

Try this Falafel Spice Blend from Tunisia for a vibrant, spicy kick in your next chickpea fritter dish. It's the perfect combination of spices to take your falafels to the next level. 75g is enough to make several servings.

  Suitable for Vegans and Vegetarians



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