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Cortas Foul Medam Fava Beans 400g-Egyptian Recipe

Cortas Foul Medam Fava Beans 400g-Egyptian Recipe

Brand: Binelli

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Expiry date: 22-05-2025

Experience an authentic Egyptian recipe with Cortas Foul Medam Fava Beans. With 400g of tasty fava beans, you'll have a plentiful supply of beans that are suitable for vegetarians. Enjoy a true, delicious Egyptian dish!

Ingredients: Fava beans (65%), water, sunflower oil, tomato paste, sal, age it. sitter stric acid, cumin, chili, sequestant alciuer Of dan lores loserve: Warm gently before consuming. Store cool and dry. Refrigerate after opening. 

Origin:  Made in Lebanon 

Gluten Free


Ready to Eat ( heat & eat ) 

Ingredients: Nutrition Information / Information Nutritionnelle/ Ernährungsinformation / Información Nutricional /


Servings per container/Portion par contenant/Portionan pro betara

Porciones por envase/Serveringar per behállare: 3

Serving size /Portion/ServiergroBe/ Tamañio de la poroin/

Serveringsstoriek: 125g

Average Quantity per Serving


Quantity per

Quantité Moyenne


par Portion

Moyenne par/

Durchschnittliche Durchschnittichs

Menge pro Portion

Menge pro 

Cantidad Promedio


por Porción

Promedio por/



Mängd per Portion Mängd per 100g






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