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Pinar Goat Milk Cheese 720g 50%

Pinar Goat Milk Cheese 720g 50%

Brand: Pinar

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Expiry date: 26-03-2025

Expiry date: 26/03/2025

Pinar Goat Milk Cheese 720g Keci Peyniri 50%

Pinar Goat Cheese 720g Keci Peyniri 50% is produced and offered for sale in line with Turkish quality and standards for those who cannot give up the traditional cheese taste. Turkiye is very rich in terms of cheese varieties. It has delicious, famous and unique cheeses.
Sheep cheese is one of the cheese varieties that are indispensable for the tables in terms of both health and taste. It can be consumed in a simple way at breakfasts, as well as eaten in different ways. It is easy to make with eggs and very useful. It can also be consumed in pastries, toasts and sandwiches, pastas and pizzas and is very tasty.

Drained weight: 400g

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