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Koska Halva with Pistachio ( Fistikli Helva) 700g

Koska Halva with Pistachio ( Fistikli Helva) 700g

Brand: Koska

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  • Koska Halva with Pistachio - Fistikli Helva 700g

    Koska tahini halva is a traditional Turkish dessert made from tahini and white sugar prepared by crushing the best quality sesame in special stone mills, with the experience of craftsmanship since 1907. With its filling, nutritious, healthy and energizing properties, it has been a preferred dessert for different reasons for centuries. It is a dessert preferred by those who prefer to consume a healthy dessert, athletes who need energy, young people, expectant babies, breastfeeding and mothers with growing children.

    Koska Tahini Halva Plain include Tahini and Sugar.
    The quality of Koska halva stems from the high ratio of tahini and expertise in production.

    Halva is a natural and difficult food that does not contain preservatives. There may be fat in halva due to temperature changes, but it does not deteriorate. If you leave it open, you may be faced with a situation such as moisture. The solution to this is to trim the top of the halva with a knife.

    Koska halva does not contain lard in it.


    Dietary Information: Halal

    Allergy Advice: May contain other nuts and seeds.

    Country of Origin: Turkey 



Sesame paste (57%), Seed, Pistachio (8%), Sugar, Coven Extract, Citric Acid.

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