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Camelicious Long Life Camel Milk - Whole 235 ml

Camelicious Long Life Camel Milk - Whole 235 ml

Brand: Camelicious

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Expiry date: 13-03-2024

Camelicious Long Life Camel Milk is produced in Austria and contains 100% camel milk. It is a great source of calcium, and has a longer shelf life than traditional milk without the need for preservatives. Enjoy the smooth, nourishing taste of camel milk with no added preservatives.
100% natural camel milk 

Ultracheat treated reconstituted, homogenised whole camel milk. Made from 100% camel milk, preservative free.

Ingredients: Whole Camel Milk (reconstitied), Stdlise FAD, Emulsfer E471 (Halal, Plant origin), Acidity Regulator 339.


Suitable for Vegetarian 

Allergy Advice: Contain Milk

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