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Bread House Turkish Bagel Simit (4 Pcs) - 4x100g

Bread House Turkish Bagel Simit (4 Pcs) - 4x100g

Brand: Bread House

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Expiry date: 18-01-2024

How to use: Open the bag and reheat in the oven from frozen or allow to defrost in the refrigerator before reheating.

Bread House Turkish Bagel Simit (4 Pcs) - 4x100g
Suitable for Vegans


Turkish bagels are a famous specialty of Turkey.

Eating a bagel in Turkey means "It's morning and I'm ready to start my day!" It's a ritual that says:

You can eat Simit at any time of the day. Eat it as a breakfast snack. Or enjoy it during a break from work. Open the bagel and let the flavor explode in your mouth!

Turkish simit, pronounced "obviously," is a bagel-shaped bread topped with sesame seeds. Today, this recipe uses the finest local ingredients and the best of Old and New World culinary expertise. These are made fresh that day. You can join them for a delicious breakfast to keep you up and running every day. entertainment!

Ingredients: flour, sugar, salt, yeast, water, oil, sesame seeds, syrup.



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