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Aytac Super Baldo Rice 4 kg

Aytac Super Baldo Rice 4 kg

Brand: Aytac

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Expiry date: 28/09/2026

 Rice is a unique flavor that is among the indispensable ingredients of Turkish Cuisine. Nevsah Super Baldo Rice, offered for sale by Nevsah, consists of local products. Aytac Super Baldo Rice, used as the main ingredient of most popular dishes, is rich in B vitamins. Nevşah baldo rice, containing high manganese and phosphorus, has the best supermarket low fat properties.

Aytac Super Baldo Rice 4 kg

Aytac Super Baldo Rice, which has long and thin grains, adds a special flavor to your traditional dishes such as pilaf and wrap. The fact that it is easy to cook, satisfying and oil-free makes Nevsah Super Baldo Rice the new passion of the kitchen. All you have left is to buy great meals from this quality top supermarket product. You can prepare wonderful meals for your family and loved ones with this healthy product. 

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