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Cypressa Traditional Sesame Halva 250g

Cypressa Traditional Sesame Halva 250g

Brand: Cypressa

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Expiry date: 01/05/2026

  • Cypressa Traditional  Sesame Halva 250g 

    Food of the sun. Halva is a traditional delicacy made from crushed sesame seeds. It is rich in nutrients and contains no preservatives. Sprinkle with cinnamon or add a squeeze of lemon for a nutritious dessert that's delicious any time of day.

    Cypressa offers a variety of Mediterranean products that are indispensable in the cuisines of nearby regions such as Greece, Turkiye and the Balkans. The type of halva popular in these regions is mostly based on tahini paste, while the special one given on this page is flavored with pistachios.

    Tahini is an important ingredient in Mediterranean cuisine. Tahini is made from crushed sesame seeds and has a very nutty taste. Halva is made with tahini and other added flavors and consumed as a sweet treat.



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