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Candia Semi-Skimmed Lactose Free Just Milk 1L

Candia Semi-Skimmed Lactose Free Just Milk 1L

Brand: Candia

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How to use: Once opened, keep refrigerated, bottle upright and consume within 4 days.

Ingredients: Milk, Lactase Enzyme
Expiry date: 03/06/2024

Candia Just Milk 1L is the perfect choice for lactose-intolerant individuals. This semi-skimmed lactose-free milk contains only 0.1% of lactose, delivering all the benefits of cow's milk with a peace of mind. Enjoy all the essential vitamins and minerals without the hassle of digestive issues.

Dietary Information: Suitable for Vegetarian 

Allergen Information: Contains Milk


  • Long Lasting
  • No Preservatives
  • No Additives
  • Added Lactase which Breaks Down Lactose

  • Contains Proteins, Calcium & B Vitamins
  • Helps Keep Teeth & Bones Healthy

Lactose Free Just Milk contains 46Kcal of energy, 120mg of calcium, 3.15g of proteins, less than 0.1% lactose per 100ml and 1g of saturated fat. Contains Proteins, Calcium & B Vitamins  


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