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Duru Chickpeas (Kocbasi Nohut) 8mm 1 Kg

Duru Chickpeas (Kocbasi Nohut) 8mm 1 Kg

Brand: Duru

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Expiry date: 16/08/2024

Duru Chickpeas Kocbasi 8mm 1 Kg  is an excellent source of coarse-ground wheat, providing a generous serving of fine brown bulgur per kilo. Perfect for adding to your favorite meals, this natural ingredient is a nutritious and tasty staple addition to any kitchen.

Due to its appearance which looks like a ram; it is called ram chickpea in Turkey. The size of this type of chickpea is over 8 mm when calibrated. This type of chickpea is very suitable for dips like hummus. 


Please keep cool, dry and if possible in a cloth bag.

Products, such as bean, Chickpeas, Kidney beans need to be soaked in cold water for (10-12 hours).

Bulgur and Wheat (for Ashoura) contain (the allergen) gluten.

Made in Turkiye.



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