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Bodrum Coarse Bulgur 1Kg

Bodrum Coarse Bulgur 1Kg

Brand: Bodrum

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Expiry date: 05-10-2025

Bodrum  Coarse Bulgur 1Kg is an ideal choice for your meal times, offering 1 kg of coarsely-ground bulgur wheat with a nutty flavour. A staple ingredient in Middle Eastern dishes, bulgur wheat is high in protein and dietary fiber, providing essential nutrients for a balanced diet.

Be Guilt-Free with Bodrum Coarse Bulgur – Totally Vegan & GMO Free!

Treat yourself to delicious, wholesome, healthy meals guilt-free with Bodrum Coarse Bulgur- totally vegan and non-GMO! Now, you can enjoy authentic, Turkish flavors without the worry or remorse!

Delicious & Vegan—Enjoy a Healthier Option!

Delicious and vegan, Bodrum Coarse Bulgur 1kg lets you enjoy the great taste of bulgur without sacrificing your health. This GMO free, vegan-friendly product is a great choice when it comes to healthier options that still taste amazing! Enjoy the nutty flavor and crunchy texture of this must-have staple for any pantry.

GMO-Free, All Natural Grains For Your Table

With Bodrum Coarse Bulgur 1kg, you can enjoy all natural grains without worrying about GMOs. This coarse grain is full of heart-healthy minerals and vitamins that will bring nutrient-rich dishes to your table! The flavor and texture of this bulgur adds more than just great taste – it also brings peace of mind knowing that what you’re eating is GMO free and ethically produced.

Bodrum Coarse Bulgur 1kg— Maximum Flavor for Every Meal

This vegan, GMO free Bodrum Coarse Bulgur 1kg packs maximum flavor in every spoonful! It has a delicious taste and crunchy texture that is perfect to add on anything — from salads to stews. Plus, the extra nutty flavor makes it a great addition to any meal for more wholesome goodness. Satisfy your cravings without sacrificing your health with this must-have staple!

Coarse Bulgur (Wheat).

May contain traces of gluten, peanuts, nuts and sesame seeds.

Do not eat the product raw.

Store in a cool, dry place and away from direct sunlight. Once opened reseal pack for freshness.

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