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Basak Wheat Starch (Bugday Nisastasi) 200 g

Basak Wheat Starch (Bugday Nisastasi) 200 g

Brand: Basak

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Basak Wheat Starch (Bugday Nisastasi) 200 g

With Basak Wheat Starch 200 g, which is among the food and meal ingredients, you can make desserts that suit your taste. The usage area of starch in homes and kitchens is extremely wide. First, you can use it in kitchens for making pudding. Custard is a very old cultural flavour. Just like rice pudding, it is a dessert that is filled into bowls and left to cool and served in this way. You can consume it by adding cinnamon or your favourite decorations on it. Other uses are cookies and cakes. When you put some starch in the cookie recipe you always use, you will notice that the cookies fall apart in your mouth. These types of cakes and cookies will have a longer lifespan. You can use it for a long time without getting stale. 

Başak Wheat Starch is an ingredient used in sweet and savory dishes.
Its package is 200 grams and is ready for practical use.
It is made from high quality wheat and processed naturally.
Başak Wheat Starch is used to thicken the consistency of your meals.
It can be used in desserts to make puddings, creams and other sauces.
It can also be used in savory dishes to make soups, sauces and jellies.
Enjoy your meal.


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