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Aynoor Beef Sausages - (10x30g)

Aynoor Beef Sausages - (10x30g)

Brand: Aytac

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Expiry date: 19-09-2023

Aynoor Beef Sausages are certified Halal and perfect for your next meal. Enjoy the delicious flavor of 10x3g sausages for a great addition to any meal.

Ingredients: beef meat (30%), mechanically separated chicken meal (25%), water, chicken fat with skin, potato starch (3,5%), nitrite curir salt (salt, preservative: E250), spice extracts, stabiliser: E262, E450; spices, flavour enhancer:

E621, aroma, dextrose, antioxi-dant: E300, colour: =120 (halal), smoke.

net weight 300g

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