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Aynoor Halal Chicken Salami With Beef 450g

Aynoor Halal Chicken Salami With Beef 450g

Brand: Aytac

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Expiry date: 11-12-2023

Experience the rich flavor of our premium-quality Turkey Salchichon. Specially crafted in Spain, this gluten free and halal cured meat will satisfy your taste buds. Enjoy a delicious and global culinary experience with every bite.

Gluten Free


Cooked salami with mechanically deboned chicken meat, beef and starch

Ingredients: Mechanically deboned chicken meat 54%, water, bad Mi starch 8%, beef meat 5%, salt, stabilizer E451, spices, dextise anar enlancer 8621, antioxidant E300, dehydrated vegetables, pesente

ESt May contain milk. Filled into non-edible casing.

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